Streamline Proposal Creation for Contractors with ProposalGenie and OpenAI API


Introducing ProposalGenie, an innovative application that simplifies and accelerates the proposal creation process for contractors. Developed as a quick prototype by the Origo team with deep industry experience, ProposalGenie leverages the power of the OpenAI API and LangChain’s large language models to revolutionize how contractors generate professional proposals. This MVP (Minimum Viable Product) showcases the potential of AI-driven solutions to address the challenges faced by contractors and small businesses in the US, where limited resources often hinder the creation of compelling proposals.

The Challenge of Proposal Creation for Contractors

Creating comprehensive proposals can be a time-consuming and challenging task for contractors and small businesses, particularly when lacking dedicated personnel or resources for proposal preparation. These constraints often hinder growth and prevent contractors from capitalizing on new opportunities and streamline the proposal creation. Based on extensive work with contractors and small businesses in the US, our team recognized the need for a solution that empowers them to overcome these challenges efficiently.

Introducing ProposalGenie and MVP using OpenAI API

ProposalGenie offers a groundbreaking approach to streamline proposal creation for contractors. By harnessing the power of the OpenAI API and LangChain‘s large language models, ProposalGenie empowers contractors to generate professional proposals quickly and effectively. With ProposalGenie, contractors can focus on their expertise and client relationships while leaving the complexities of proposal writing to the advanced AI capabilities of the application.

How to Interact with ProposalGenie

Demo of how the application works
  • Access ProposalGenie: Visit ProposalGenie’s website to access the application.
  • Enter Business Expertise: Provide details about your business expertise, emphasizing your industry-specific knowledge to enhance the generated proposals.
  • Optional: Business Name: Optionally, you can include the name of your business to personalize the proposals further.
  • Generate Proposals: ProposalGenie’s AI algorithms, powered by the OpenAI API and LangChain, will create tailored and persuasive proposals based on your industry and requirements
  • Fine-tune and Customize: Review the generated proposal and make any necessary adjustments or additions to align it precisely with your project and client’s needs.

Solution Overview

To provide a reference understanding of the solution’s architecture and workflow, refer to the diagram below:

Technical Details

LangChain, an open-source LLM framework developed by Harrison Chase, serves as the foundation for ProposalGenie. By integrating the OpenAI API and leveraging advanced large language models, ProposalGenie automates the proposal creation process with accuracy and efficiency. This MVP demonstrates the potential for developing more robust and tailored solutions based on the valuable insights gained from working closely with contractors and small businesses in the US.

At a broad level, LangChain serves as a powerful connector between LLM models, such as OpenAI and HuggingFace Hub, and a range of external sources, including Google, Wikipedia, Notion, and Wolfram. Its core purpose is to facilitate seamless interaction between text input and output by providing essential abstractions, such as chains and agents, along with various tools like prompt templates, memory, document loaders, and output parsers. By linking LLM models and components into a cohesive pipeline known as a “chain,” LangChain empowers developers to prototype robust applications with ease rapidly. In essence, LangChain acts as an orchestrator of the LLM pipeline.

Example of entering a name of a company that the GPT LLM recognizes

The strength of LangChain lies in its six key modules:

  1. Model I/O: This module enables the smooth integration of model input (prompts) with the LLM model, whether it’s a closed-source or open-source variant, to generate the desired model output through output parsers.
  2. Data connection: LangChain’s data connection module facilitates the loading, transformation, storage, and querying of user data. It encompasses functionalities such as document loaders, document transformers, text embedding models, and vector stores.
  3. Memory: With LangChain’s memory module, chains or agents gain the ability to retain both short-term and long-term memory. This allows the system to remember previous interactions with the user and provide contextually relevant responses.
  4. Chains: Chains offer a way to combine multiple components or other chains into a single, unified pipeline. They serve as an organizational structure within LangChain, enabling the seamless flow of data and processing.
  5. Agents: Agents within LangChain play a crucial role in decision-making based on the input received. Depending on the available tools and data, agents determine the course of action to be taken, leveraging the power of the LLM models and other resources.
  6. Callbacks: LangChain incorporates callback functions that are triggered at specific points during the LLM run. These functions enable developers to perform necessary actions and implement custom logic as required.

LangChain’s comprehensive architecture and these key modules make it a versatile and robust framework for developers seeking to leverage the power of LLM models. By providing a unified interface and facilitating efficient data flow, LangChain empowers developers to build sophisticated applications that harness the capabilities of large language models effectively.

Essentially, the application uses OpenAI (the LLM), LangChain (the LLM framework), and Streamlit (the web framework).

Future Opportunities to improve the proposal creation

The current MVP version of ProposalGenie lays the foundation for exciting future opportunities and enhancements. In order to improve the experience of contractors to streamline proposal creation, with a strong commitment to continuous improvement, the Origo team has identified several potential features that will further elevate the proposal creation experience for contractors.

  1. Flexible Proposal Export: In the upcoming iterations, ProposalGenie will provide the ability to export proposals in various formats, including PDF, DOC, and others. This feature will ensure compatibility with different document standards, allowing contractors to seamlessly share and collaborate on proposals with their clients.
  2. Online Proposal Modification: To enhance the user experience, ProposalGenie will incorporate an intuitive online interface that enables contractors to modify and customize proposals directly within the application. This feature will provide a user-friendly environment to make necessary edits, add project-specific details, and tailor the proposal to the unique requirements of each client.
  3. Local Proposal Saving: Recognizing the importance of data security and accessibility, ProposalGenie will empower contractors to save proposals locally. By enabling local saving, contractors can have control over their data and access proposals, even in offline scenarios. This feature ensures seamless access and peace of mind for contractors, knowing their valuable proposals are securely stored.
  4. Tailored In-House Solutions: At Origo, we understand that privacy and compliance are paramount concerns for enterprise customers. To address these needs, we offer the possibility of implementing an in-house solution based on specific requirements. This allows businesses to have a customized, self-hosted version of ProposalGenie that aligns with their privacy and compliance protocols.

By incorporating these upcoming features and offering tailored in-house solutions, Origo aims to provide an all-encompassing proposal creation solution that caters to the diverse needs of contractors and small businesses.

As ProposalGenie continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, we remain committed to empowering contractors with cutting-edge tools that simplify their workflow, enhance productivity, and drive business growth. Stay tuned for future updates and exciting enhancements to ProposalGenie!

Note: The future opportunities mentioned here are subject to further development and feasibility analysis. The availability and timeline of specific features may vary based on customer feedback and market demand.


ProposalGenie, fueled by the OpenAI API and LangChain’s large language models, empowers contractors to create professional proposals effortlessly. This MVP showcases the capabilities of AI-driven solutions in simplifying complex tasks, enabling contractors to focus on their expertise and overcome resource constraints. As we continue to refine and expand the application based on valuable user feedback, we are committed to providing contractors with powerful tools to unlock their growth potential.

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