Build healthier patient experiences

The best patient experiences are built with Zendesk & Origo Solutions

A person’s health is always a serious issue, so prioritizing the patient experiences is critical. Patients expect fast, personal, convenient support, and providers face increasing pressure to deliver value-based care. But with a sea of data sources and communication channels, it’s difficult for care teams to collaborate efficiently and deliver better outcomes.

For innovative healthcare organizations that want to deliver the best patient experiences, Zendesk provides secure, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for seamless, patient-centric support. This allows providers to transform patient experiences for better outcomes and continuous improvement.

Origo Solutions can help you to design and implement the solution for English and Spanish speaking patients with NO additional cost for you given that we’re Zendesk direct partners

Keep it personal

Leave siloed data sources in the past. With the Zendesk platform, create a complete view of your patients for more personalized support and care. Integrate key information from EHRs, medical devices, and appointment history so your team can spend less time gathering information and more time focusing on your patients.

Always be on call

Virtual care is becoming increasingly popular for health providers that want to retain and attract patients. With the Zendesk Suite, it’s easy to be available across any channel—like phone, chat, email, text, and mobile—

so your patients can reach you whenever and wherever they need you. And with proactive support and reminders, you’re always one step ahead of their needs.

Work as one team

Quality care requires a team, and engaging with streamlined communication tools makes the job easier. Work seamlessly across distributed and specialized care teams and payer networks so patients get a better experience.

Do your regular check-ups

Understand what drives patient satisfaction and outcomes with powerful analytics to guide planning and decision making. Get started immediately with best-practice dashboards to analyze the patient experience, or easily build custom charts and dashboards to measure what matters most for your organization.

Rest assured

Zendesk provides best-in-class security features to ensure patient trust. And with role-based permissions and a strong documentation system, your organization will meet all applicable privacy and data protection laws—so patient care can remain the number goal.

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