IoT is more than a Buzzword and the Cloud it’s facilitating its implementation.

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Internet of Things is one of the top buzzwords nowadays with not as much hype as artificial intelligence or blockchain but we will see an increase in their popularity and applications thanks to the implementation of 5G technology and Smart-Home hubs like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod or Google Home. Besides, the industrial market for IoT […]

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How Artificial Intelligence helps IT teams

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According to a recent study by McKinsey, there are three major areas of dissatisfaction that employees experience with internal services: the availability and clarity of information; the overall time needed to complete tasks required by support functions; and the effort required to go through processes involving support functions. Out of any internal department, IT teams receive […]

Why Customer service standards are important

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Why are customer service standards so important? In an age of rising customer expectations—a time when the customer relationship is paramount—companies must set parameters of what quality service looks like or else suffer the consequences in the marketplace. While it’s important to define these standards so your customer service team understands what kind of customer […]

Cómo convertir su call center en un centro de experiencias

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A Qué llamamos un “centro de llamadas” hoy? ¿Es realmente un centro de llamadas o es una parte vital del viaje del cliente y sus experiencias? Hoy, más que nunca, tenemos más formas de comunicarnos con familiares, amigos y compañías con las que hacemos negocios. Atrás quedaron los días de levantar el teléfono, esperar en […]

Help your multilingual knowledge base thrive with AI

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Data shows that, for global businesses, providing support in multiple languages (multilingual) is well worth the effort. Nearly three quarters of people search online in their native language, which means that if you’re only communicating in English, for example, you’re probably losing customers and adding layers of inefficiencies for your agents. Easier said than done, perhaps. […]

Cómo manejar la gestión del cambio en su empresa.

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A medida que la empresa crece en tamaño y complejidad, también lo hace la naturaleza de los problemas de sus clientes. Como resultado, las empresas modernas necesitan evaluar y actualizar constantemente las herramientas, los procesos y los sistemas que utiliza para resolver los problemas de los clientes y enfrentar la gestión del cambio. Ya sea […]

Omnichannel customer experience

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No one likes the experience of reaching out to a faceless company; they’d rather feel like they’re reaching out to another human—or better yet, a friend. This is much easier in a brick-and-mortar store. Retailers can interact in real-time, observe what does (and does not) make it to into the shopping cart, and read and […]