New IoT protocol supports up to 2,000 smart devices

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A new standard designed to handle configurations of thousands of IoT devices in environments extending hundreds of foot was detailed today by the Z-Wave Alliance. The Partnership notes that Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) is backward compliant with the existing Z-Wave networks, enabling items such as door locks, garage door alarms, thermostats, and smart lightbulbs. […]

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Cómo la Inteligencia Artificial ayuda a IT y RRHH

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Según un estudio reciente de McKinsey, hay tres grandes áreas de insatisfacción de los empleados con los servicios internos: la disponibilidad y claridad de la información; el tiempo necesario para completar las tareas que las funciones de soporte requieren; y el esfuerzo que supone el proceso de dichas funciones de soporte. La inteligencia artificial aplicada puede […]

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How Artificial Intelligence helps IT teams

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According to a recent study by McKinsey, there are three major areas of dissatisfaction that employees experience with internal services: the availability and clarity of information; the overall time needed to complete tasks required by support functions; and the effort required to go through processes involving support functions. Out of any internal department, IT teams receive […]